What is a Greatness Coach? 

A personal message from Ron


I want to give those of you who finish all four components of our new Greatness Curriculum an invitation to become a “Greatness Coach.”

     I want to help you inspire greatness in your family members, friends, co-workers, churches and communities. You can be the first wave of leaders who can build the principles and techniques of greatness into the people who live in your world. 

     Your completion of the new program is only the beginning. Can you imagine what could happen if you become a highly trained individual who has the skills to instill greatness in others? Can you picture the change when dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of you coach “greatness” into dozens, hundreds and thousands of other people? The country could be transformed from the ground up and you could make that happen.

     America needs true greatness of heart and character. People want great lives, families, finances and freedom. You can have greatness and you can teach greatness to others. If enough of you do that, America can be renewed and invigorated,

     This curriculum is designed to help you achieve a greater and happier life. But it can also be a spark that can light a fire that can re-awaken everyone around you to true greatness.

     I certainly want you to experience personal success through our new curriculum and I also hope some of you will go further and become “greatness coaches.” 

     If this fits your vision and desire, then let us know you want to continue after you complete the program and we will direct you into the next level of training.

     Together, we can move America to greatness.



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