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What is Choose Greatness?

     Theodore Roosevelt lost his wife and mother on the same day. To recover from the tragedy he traveled to the Badlands of the Dakota Territory to heal in solitude amid the grit and difficulty of a harsh land. 

    He survived the bleak environment and slowly mended. When he was ready he returned to east coast civilization. On his trip home he stopped in Chicago. He was asked by a reporter what the residents of the Dakotas were like. Roosevelt laughed and said they were just typical Americans. They were tough, respected God and His laws, and took care of themselves. They were typical Americans who wanted no help from the government and were determined to chart their own course. They were typical Americans.

      Roosevelt recognized that to build your own success, you needed  independence, trust in God, self-reliance, generosity and commitment to family, all core characteristics present in thelives of the tough Dakota settlers. 

     What would America look like if millions of young men and women woke up tomorrow morning and suddenly understood these proven success principles?

     What would America be like if those millions suddenly knew that their best chance for happiness was to live in a society filled with positive, Christian based values?

     What would America be like? She would be the nation she was in her rise to greatness. She would be “one nation under God” with freedom and opportunity for all her citizens. She would be guided by men and women who believed in classic ideals of self-reliance, clear-eyed courage, a powerful work ethic, strong marriages and families, and compassion. 

     That America can rise again. The Eagle can soar again. Those millions who can change everything can be reached.

     “Choose Greatness America” is an initiative to help people rediscover their potential for greatness. The purpose is to open the heart and mind to the “typical” qualities that first exploded the American dream for millions. This program presents simple, compelling reasons why the Christian model is the best hope for a great life, filled with great success.

     You can use these tested ideas to build your own freedom now. You can “choose greatness.”

     You can also join an exciting campaign to move America to again embrace the principles of greatness. This can still be “our finest hour.”






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